Open Water Swim Training

Sydney is the home of ocean swimming with so many fantastic beaches around the city. Australia is one of the most popular destinations in the world for open water swimming! Whether you want to join an event or just swim recreationally, there’s something here for everyone.

Ocean Swims with Sydney Swimmers

Sydney Swimmers run periodic ocean swims for our members to implement their training and develop enough confidence to compete in other open water events. Whether to perfect your performance, or for those who just enjoy swimming in the ocean with a group, Sydney Swimmers has something for you. Sports have always pushed the limits of the human body to reach greater heights, run faster, jump higher. Endurance sports push this even further, combining sports already designed to push the body, and making it go even further. These events test the mettle of even the most hardened athletes, and are regarded as some of the toughest events to complete.

Prepare for your Open Water Swim Season! 

Beginner to Intermediate Open Water Training 

For many people swimming in the open water is a dream they’ve yet to realise. While confident in the pool, open water swimming presents a new set of challenges such as a new unfamiliar environment (salt water, limited or no visibility) changeable conditions, lack of containment with limitless horizons and unknown depths, and marine life. In this course you’ll learn how to read the tides and conditions, how to swim out and in, to navigate changing conditions and sighting. You’ll start swimming in the shallows, building gradually to deeper water and then graduating to the Advanced course. These sessions are run on Saturdays. Please note we do not swim during the colder months. Please contact us before coming along.

Prerequisite: Must be able to swim 200+ metres continuously and have no fear of deep water. 

Advanced Open Water Training 

For experienced open water swimmers this course will work on developing your open water swimming techniques, improving your stroke to build efficiency and distance. The program will cover drills for stroke improvement, improving event techniques such as ins and outs, as well as porpoising and include a distant swim of 500m – 1km building over the weeks to 2+km. These sessions are held at Balmoral Beach on Saturdays. Please check the below schedule to find a class for you.

Prerequisite: Must be able to swim 500+ metres continuously and have some experience in open water.

What to Bring

Along with your goggles, a swim cap, a bottle of water and a couple of towels, you may like to bring another swim cap to wear underneath your cap to help to keep your head warm! Feel free to wear a wetsuit if you’d be more comfortable. Please note hot showers will be available after the session at Bathers Pavilion.

There is nothing better to warm you after a swim in the ocean than a hot drink, either bring a thermos or purchase one at the local cafes nearby!

Ready to start training? Bookings are essential.