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    Learn to Swim

    This class is for people that are unfamiliar with water, have no experience with any swimming stroke and lack confidence in putting their head under the water. Perfect for those with water phobias.

    Learn to swim

    In this class you will develop your confidence in the water and start to learn the basics of freestyle. You can kick, front and back float and have started using your arms with controlled breathing.

    Learn to swim

    You have good foundations in the basics of swimming freestyle and can swim 25m with reasonable technique. You can tread water for 30 secs. You will develop your bilateral breathing skills and improve your freestyle technique.

    Learn to swim

    You can swim 50m of freestyle with reasonable technique. You are confident in deep water and can tread water at least 1 minute. You will develop freestyle technique drills with or without a board. You will progress your swimming of freestyle to 100m of distance with good technique. You will develop your backstroke and learn to dive.

    Learn to swim

    You have confidence in the water, shallow and deep water. You can even swim a reasonable distance in freestyle (a min of 100ms) but feel you could improve your technique with professional instruction.

    Learn to swim squad

    Our 60 minute SwimFit sessions are geared for entry level squad members and those wishing to progress from lap swimming. They are the perfect way for swimmers to become swim-fit in a friendly, low key environment without the hustle and bustle of busy lanes, while under the guidance of a coach. In these sessions you’ll learn to read the clock, use swim equipment appropriately and experience a variety of drills and workouts. We also touch on some technique work, and most importantly the sessions are fun! You must be able to swim 100m freestyle continuously.

    Swim squad

    Sydney Swimmers squad training is geared towards the open water swimmer and triathlete. We have swimmers training for distance events such as Rottnest, the Mana 10km swim, Iron Man and others.

    Open water squad

    This program is designed to build your confidence in the open water. You will learn specific techniques to improve your open water performance as well as build up your stamina in various conditions.

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