Coach Judy and I went and joined three hundred others in the Lake Argyle Swim. We were part of a quad team swimming in the 10km event. Being part of a quad team requires each group to have a boat and paddler. We were fortunate with both and delighted our paddler, Anna, had managed to find a large blow-up crocodile to protect us and ward off the other teams, which she strapped to her kayak.

Located at the very top of Western Australia in the Kimberley, this large body of water, twenty two times the size of Sydney Harbour, plays host annually to this iconic swim. So popular is the swim, this year it was sold out within ten minutes.

The lake is also home to over twenty five thousand fresh water crocodiles, “snappy puppies”, as they’re called by the locals.

The conditions were near perfect, with the water temperature sitting at around 27C and the outside temperature kept at a nice 38C by the breeze, and the odd cloud. It was a great day and a terrific event. If you ever get the chance, do go and do it!

In other news, you’ve probably noticed we’ve moved to our autumn/winter timetable. This is because some pools close for winter and many swimmers migrate to indoor pools as the weather cools. Drummoyne and Cabarita Swimming Centres are now closed until September. We have also paused our classes at Victoria Park Pool and Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre’s weeknight classes, due to the recent temperature drop.

We will be expanding class times at our indoor pool locations, Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, Cook and Phillip and Auburn Ruth Everuss (Sunday mornings) as demand requires.

Classes will still continue at Prince Alfred Park Pool on weeknights and Saturdays. To keep abreast of the timetable, please keep referring to MindBody. If you struggle to find a class at your level and desired location, please give us a call on 0431571161 so we help you.

We have been assisting the Swim Sister Squad members in preparation for the MS 24 hour Mega Swim. This event runs from midday 25th May until midday 26th May. The funds raised from the swim go to assist those living with Multiple Sclerosis. It doesn’t matter how long or short you swim, every minute and distance counts. If you’d like to get involved there’s details further down in the newsletter, or get in touch and we can provide you with information over the phone. It’s a really fun event, and a great example of the what the swimming community can do.

Even though it’s getting colder, don’t give up on your swimming. Many of you have come so far over the summer. There are plenty of pools which stay open all year round, all are heated and many offer indoor facilities.

As always, happy swimming.

Kari Baynes

Date: Saturday 4 May 2019
Where: Lake Argyle Resort
Photographer: Judy Cameron & Kari Baynes