The Drummoyne squads are back in full swing and we’ve had a few swimmers return from winter hibernation to Victoria Park Pool too. Now’s the time to get back into it with the warmer weather. It’s not long until the Narrabeen ocean swim on Sunday, 2nd November and a favourite for Sydney Swimmers, Balmain on 17th November. The ocean swimming season is about to start!

Good luck to all our Can Too “Manathoners” who are heading off in a couple of weeks to Mana Island in Fiji to swim in the 10km event. You’ve all been training very hard for this swim and I know the coaching team is super proud of how you’ve progressed. There are a few other Sydney Swimmers going as well. We wish Michael and Coach Mickaela a great swim and anyone else heading off to the Mana Fiji SwimFest. You’ll see me there too, as I join the other 10km swimmers!

Our Video and Stroke Correction Clinics are filling up with many registering in preparation for Iron Man events and triathlons. If swimming is your weakest area, now’s the time to get your stroke in order. Our next clinic with Coach Paul is on Saturday, 12th October. Details are in the newsletter.

Finally, we’re thinking of moving the alternating Fun Friday sessions this season from Victoria Park Pool to Prince Alfred Park. They’re due to commence on 11th October at 6.00am. I’m keen to hear your thoughts about the move before we start. Is Prince Alfred Park Pool a better location for you? Let me know your thoughts.

I hope to see you all at training soon!

Kari Baynes