Monthly Update for January/ February 2019.

We’ve seen some amazing sunsets in the last couple of weeks. If ever there was a time to swim in an outdoor pool, it’s definitely now. The skies are just so beautiful!

More swimmers who’ve joined the 50m and 25m Clubs. The team and I are thrilled to see so many swimmers attaining their swim goals, and often sooner than they’d hoped.

We’re delighted to announce we’ve put on additional classes on new days at a number of pools. There’s even Sunday morning classes starting in March.

Take look a look at the story by SBS about the great initiatives being run out of Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre. I think you’ll be suitably impressed by the employment programs run by the team there.

Some of you may have noticed, we’re updating our website. I’m super excited about our new look site and I hope you will be too. Please bear with us as we continue to work on it.  Some pages are still under construction, which means at times the site will be offline. However, the MindBody site and app where you book and pay for classes, is running as per normal.

Finally, we celebrated our fourth birthday on the 29th January. It seems such a long time ago I started this wonderful adult swim school with a big vision and just one lane, on one day, in one pool. At last count we’ve had over twelve hundred attend a swimming class or private lesson with us. That’s over twelve hundred adults who are now safer in the water, who can now swim, and some who’ve gone on to swimming in the ocean and at squads. Most importantly there are more people who have developed their confidence and found a level of comfort in water. For some, its even become their passion. A big thank you to my team members over the years and to all of you, who’ve supported us on this journey.

As always, happy swimming.

Kari Baynes

Time: 8.07pm
Date: Wednesday, 30th January
Where: Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre, Lidcombe
Photographer: Kari Baynes