Hi Everyone,

It great to see so many swimmers returning to, or embarking on, their squad training journey. As the weather gets warmer and a number of events return, I expect we will see more swimmers gravitate back to training.

We continue our vigilance against the Coronavirus to ensure our swimmers, our team and others who use the facilities at the pools are kept safe. We cap each lane at a maximum of 12 swimmers and continue to ask everyone to maintain physical distancing of 1.5m throughout the session. We encourage you to come, train and leave the facility. Please don’t loiter by the pool or in the change rooms and remember to bring your own equipment and clearly identifiable water bottle. I need to remind you, it is essential to book in for your squad sessions and complete the health checklist before arriving at the facility.

To assist in meeting the demand for training sessions and as many are working from home, we have added a slightly later session on Wednesday mornings. This session will start at 7.15am from next week and will be taken by Kieran Clancy-Lowe, our new coach.

I’m thrilled we can now offer squad sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at Victoria Park Pool, as well as the SwimFit sessions on Saturday mornings at Prince Alfred Park Pool. There really is no excuse now not to get your swimming performance up in time for summer.

I would like to welcome our new coach, Kieran Clancy-Lowe who will be starting with us from Wednesday next week. Kieran has been teaching and coaching swimmers for a number of years and currently also works as a coach and instructor at Leichhardt Aquatic Centre as well in the Eastern Suburbs. He has a huge background in swimming having won gold in a couple of national events for his freestyle and butterfly sprints. Please give him a big warm, Sydney Swimmers welcome.

Today is the first day of our October Challenge. Now is the time to get on board to register, if you haven’t already. I’m sure many of you will swim 40km or more this month. Registrations close today, however we will accept latecomers until Tuesday 6th October, as long as you can verify your swimming distance from 1st October. I’m super keen to see who will take the glory!

I look forward to seeing you back on pool deck.

As always in swimming,

Kari Baynes