Hi Everyone,

I can feel the pace has picked up as we head towards the end of what has been an unbelievable year. 2020 will definitely be the year to remember, won’t it? We’re aware many of our swimmers will be in Sydney over the January holiday period, so we have already set up our 2021 classes in MindBody, to help you plan your downtime. We do urge you to book your classes now, so you don’t miss out. We all know what happens when summer starts next week. We get super busy!

There are more swimmers realising their swim goals. Take a look at our newest members to the 25m club! You’re all stars and well poised now for summer!

Once again a call out for women who can swim 50m or more, please consider joining in the fun of the Masters Swimming NSW Women’s Only Twilight Carnival 2020 on Friday evening, 11th December at Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre. It promises to be a great event. The program is further down in the newsletter along with the registration details. If you’re a bit unsure about participating in the action, please contact me by clicking here.

As we head into the festive season, the season of giving, the team and I have decided to donate 30% of the sale of our 6 class packs to Australian Refugee Volunteers in the four weeks leading up to the 25th December. If you’d like to purchase an additional pack or buy one for a friend to support this great charity, you can find the details below. If you’re looking for a local gift, there is nothing quite like the gift of swimming. We also offer gift vouchers at this time of the year – email us to enquire. For details, take a look further down in the newsletter.

We’re also asking you to complete a short end of year survey, so we can review the recent changes we’ve made to our services and programs. We don’t want to change anything else without your input! It should only take a few minutes and will go a long way to informing how we head into 2021. We’re on a path of continuous improvement as we aspire to help every adult in Sydney become water safe, become healthier and discover the pleasure swimming brings. I thank you in advance for your feedback.

As the year draws to a close I start to reflect on the months gone by and also begin formalising my goals for 2021. For many of our swimmers the goal is to reach squad training. SwimFit is the bridge between advance swimming classes and squads. This photo was taken last Saturday of our SwimFit session. I can’t tell you how proud I am that we have so many who started their swim journey with us, progress to SwimFit and the go on to our squads program. If you’re thinking of a 2021 goal joining our SwimFit group is a fabulous one. And they’re such wonderful people!

I hope to see you all poolside soon!

As always, yours in swimming,

Kari Baynes

Photo: SWIMFIT Saturday, 21st November
Photo Credit: Jelena Rudd