Kari Baynes

Kari Baynes

Kari has had an impressive career in the media industry with roles including Head of Business Development, Group Advertising Director, and Project Lead for News Corp Australia.

Throughout her 25 year career holding senior strategic leadership roles, balancing health, well being and fun has been critical to her success. In 2010 Kari took up swimming to improve her fitness and reduce stress. Through learning freestyle, she developed a passion for swimming and realised that it is possible to learn a new skill when you are nearly 50!

Recognising a gap in the fitness and well being market in areas such as learn to swim, continuous stroke correction and structured recreational pool and open water swimming, Kari established Different Strokes Swimming. By setting up a swim school for adults she also identified the opportunity for social and corporate networking opportunities for busy executives, mothers’ groups and retired athletes.

Kari’s vision utilising her strong commercial and strategic acumen, is to assist everyone, no matter what age or skill, to find their own zen with swimming. Kari holds an AUSTSWIM Teacher Licence.


Swim Specialist JennyJenny Davidson

Jenny has been teaching Learn to Swim classes for over 5 years. She is passionate about helping adults become water safe and develop a love for swimming.

Jenny feels the most important part of learning to swim is to become comfortable in the water, to enjoy moving through it rather than resisting it. Jenny is a holder of an AUSTWIM licence, Teacher of Water Safety and Swimming. When she’s not near the water, Jenny is sewing tutus and making tiaras.




screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-11-03-08-amJudy Cameron

Judy has been coaching and instructing swimmers for over 20 years. Judy brings a wealth of experience to Different Strokes Swimming, including coaching Can Too swim teams since the charity’s inception, working as a swim coach for junior and university teams and as well instructing special needs children.

Holding an ACSTA Bronze Licence Coaching qualification, Judy has completed the AUSTWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety, and a number of the extension courses including Swimming for Competitive Strokes. She also holds lifeguard qualifications and has completed her Bronze Medallion. She has taught beginners right through to coaching Olympic champions. Her love of open water swimming has recently seen her complete the Rottnest Channel Swim as part of a relay team. Not only passionate about swimming, in recent times Judy has taken up the drums and now plays with a number of bands around Sydney.



Zed (Songze) Qu

Zed started swimming at the age of 4 and by the time he was 7, he was competing in competition squads in China. His speciality strokes were breaststroke and freestyle.

He continued swimming throughout his schooling and adult life and has now been teaching for 2 years. Zed finds teaching adults feels more like a community of friends helping each other, which he really enjoys. Zed always takes the time to ensure everyone understands the technique, tailoring a different coaching approach to your individual needs. After all, not everyone learns in the same way! Zed is an AUSTSWIM accredited teacher.



 Lee Buckleyfb_img_1473488630031-1-1

Lee has over 20 years experience instructing young children through to adults in swimming. Progressing to a supervising instructor she has overseen swimming classes for large, multi location swim schools. In 1999 Lee became an AUSTSWIM presenter of The Teacher of Swimming & Water Safety Licence. This led her to presenting at both, NSW and National Austswim Conferences.

Lee is the daughter of Don Talbot, former National Head Coach and Olympic Coach for Australia, Canada, USA and England. Having grown up in a swimming family, water has been part of Lee’s life from very young.  Lee says “I am passionate about resolving peoples’ individual needs when it comes to swimming and I’m also passionate about instructors providing the best possible experience for the client.






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