They did it! The Too Cans (Lizzie, Grant, Kim, Glenda and John) swam the English Channel in 14hrs 34 minutes. The conditions were tough and challenging. The team started their swim at 2.00am and finished later in the day on the 19th September. A spectacular effort, followed by many at home into the early hours of the following morning. They also raised $30,000 for the Can Too Foundation, plus funding for a Can Too pod in the process. You are most certainly our stars, Too Cans! Such a brilliant swim!!

There was another great swimming achievement a few days before the Too Cans landed on the French coast. Yes, history was made by Sarah Thomas when she made a four-way crossing of the English Channel. Swimming for over 54 hours and 200 plus kilometres, Sarah became the first person to cross the channel four times. I’m sure she has become the pin-up person for many ocean swimmers.