I have been thinking a lot these past few weeks about open water swimming, in particular ocean swimming. I’ve always had a very healthy respect for open water conditions, largely based on my deep-seated fear of the unknown, certain types of “marine life”, and my lack of confidence in surf conditions.

Over the last couple of years I have developed my skills for this type of swimming, and although far from adept, my confidence has increased. This has been due largely as the result of the encouragement of my dear open water swimming friends, as well as lessons, and of course my sheer determination.

To see the marine life in all forms, to see the shoreline from the water, to navigate different conditions, to swim in the saltwater, the sea, to meet the unexpected, as was recently said to me, “every swim is an adventure”. So true, so true! The feeling of exhilaration after an ocean swim is nothing short of intoxicating, in a truly great way! This summer I have shied away from open water swimming, it’s not been on my swimming agenda for a variety of reasons. But I’m keen to get back into it, if no other reason than to enjoy that wonderful feeling again.

In honour of open water swimming and for those aspiring to swim in the ocean or those die hard passionates, have a look at the recent blog by Donal Buckley at Loneswimmer.com, and in particular the video by Sam Krohn, The Cave of Light and The Cave of Birds, http://youtu.be/UIj-icXy2MM, it just talks to my heart! The recent clip made by SpeedoUSA 1928 – Fueled by Water The Deep Enders, is also inspiring. Take a look. http://youtu.be/btd8GmBKIV8