Hi Everyone,

It has been a while since we last spoke. I hope you’re keeping well and safe during these challenging times. If you have been in lockdown like me, you have probably had your ups and downs. I hope you’ve at least managed to rest and spend time with those close to you. If you’ve been working in an essential service, a huge, enormous thank you! I’m full of gratitude.

I know some of the Advanced and Intermediate swimmers have been taking to the ocean when able during this period. The past few weeks has afforded me the same opportunity to dive into my passion for swimming in salt water, visiting the beautiful marine life. In the pausing and quiet of the lockdown I was able at times, to find beach locations not too far from home where it was legal to swim. I thought I would share some of these locations with you. Take a look at the photos below (top left, Balmoral; top right, Clovelly; bottom left Maroubra and bottom right me with a shark kite at Maroubra). I’m pleased to report that’s the closest I’ve been to a shark so far! I’m also still swimming without a wetsuit, although who knows for how long, it’s getting a bit nippy now! Please send through any photos you’ve taken of your swims during this period, it would be lovely to share them with everyone.

There is some light now as the restrictions start to lift. With outdoor pools in NSW allowed to open from Friday with some restrictions, we can see a semblance of normality start to return. We’re not sure when we will be able to resume classes or squad training. I suggest it’ll be a few weeks yet, probably not until NSW moves to the next level when restrictions are eased a bit more again.

The team and I have been working on our back office activities and reviewing our programs while in hibernation, preparing for the time when we can restart our lessons and classes. Initially to ensure social distancing we will only be able to offer one to one private lessons. We also expect we will have limited locations, days and times we can operate. There is so much we don’t know at this stage. As information comes to hand we will provide updates. In the interim, to get the latest information and connect with your fellow classmates, I encourage you to join our closed members group on Facebook. The details are further down in the newsletter.

Keep safe and well. I look forward to seeing you all soon, poolside.

As always, yours in swimming,

Kari Baynes