Happy New Year! This month is the start of not just a new year, but a new decade. It’s often at these significants times I like to think about my big hairy audacious swimming goals. How about you, what would like to achieve with your swimming this year and beyond?

As some of you would be aware we have recently had a few changes to our lane hire arrangements with the City of Sydney pools. Take a look below at our current timetable which runs until 30th April. We will keep you updated about the autumn and winter timetable as we move closed to the change of season.

We have had some clients express concern about taking classes in public swimming pools due to the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus. Please see our position further down in this newsletter.

This week Different Strokes Swimming celebrated its fifth birthday. It is wonderful to think we’ve been transforming people’s lives by teaching the skill of swimming, ensuring adults are water safe and most importantly imparting the joy one gets from being in the water for this length of time. I thought the small selection of photos above, taken over five years, highlights the wonderful clients we’ve been so lucky to work with.

We’ve had over 1500 people attend a learn to swim class or lesson with us. That’s 1500 plus people who are safer in the water, willing to challenge themselves by taking the time to learn swimming or improve their swimming technique. We’re all about getting adults into the water swimming, helping them realise their goals.

A big thank you to all of you, our wonderful clients for your support. It has been truly amazing to work with you and I know I speak on behalf of my team to say how excited we get when we see you reaching your swimming goals.

As always, yours in swimming,

Kari Baynes